Waters: Kate Moss Does Poppers

johnwaterspoppersA journalist from Modern Painters magazine paid a visit to John Waters (pictured). He reports: “Financing for what Waters was hoping would be his next movie, a children’s film called ‘Fruitcake,’ has fallen through twice. ‘I want to do two more movies — that’s enough,’ he tells me. ‘I hope I can make two more.’ He’s now 63 and says he’d be fine focusing on his writing, his art, and his one-man show, which he performs across the country. As we wrap up our conversation, he shows me a months-old gossip item clipped from the New York Daily News that suggests trash culture remains an inexhaustible source of his inspiration. ‘Kate Moss does poppers — good for her!’ he says. ‘I’m going to do one in her honor.'”

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