Michael Moore Gets Good Reviews

captialism-lovestoryMichael Moore says his film “Capitalism: A Love Story” is dedicated to “good people … who’ve had their lives ruined” by the quest for profit. Moore’s latest film features many whose lives have been shattered by a corporate environment where the drive for profit is a priority over the workers’ best interest. The director premieres the film Sunday in his first appearance at the Venice Film Festival. The movie was warmly received at a press showing and won positive reviews. Unfortunately, his trademark oversimplification, sentimentality, and goofball japery still seem to be in place.

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  1. Submitted on 2009/09/05 at 11:52pm
    Where is the coverage for the other documentary called Stock Shock

    Stock Shock
    ” The Short Selling of the American Dream ”



    This movie is also about Wall Street Law Changes that cripples this country financially due to Greed and coruption.

    Richard Keane, narrator Stock Shock

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