“True Blood,” No; “Lewis,” Maybe

hathawayLast night, a plot-packed finale wrapped up the season of “True Blood.” Because I can’t afford HBO, instead I watched the Inspector Lewis on PBS, in which Lewis’s sidekick, Hathaway (played by Laurence Fox, pictured), who’s referred to by policewomen colleagues as “dishy” but always strikes me as merely “skinny,” seemed to struggle with a zesty little secret. At first Hathway’s struggle — is he gay? isn’t he gay? — was sorta interesting. But the episode’s finale (which involved a transexual) was a little preposterous, and the last scene, where Hathway ogled a girlie magazine, was a lot preposterous (and completely out of character). These Inspector Lewis episodes start promisingly, but for three weeks in a row have ended ridiculously.

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