Cohen To Guest On “Simpsons”

cohen-simpsons_lPolitically incorrect comedy impresario Sacha Baron “Borat/Bruno” Cohen will guest star on The Simpsons this season, playing a “pretty angry but funny” Israeli tour guide in an episode titled “The Greatest Story Every D’ohed,” Hollywood Insider reports. When the Simpson’s parish tours the Holy Land, Homer gets an acute case of “Jerusalem Syndrome,” believing that he is the messiah. Executive producer Al Jean explained a scene between Baron Cohen’s character and Marge Simpson: “He’s trying to get Marge to give him good grades on the comment card, and she goes ‘You people are pushy,’ and he goes, ‘What do you mean, you people? You try having Syria for a neighbor! What do you have—Canada?'” The episode is tentatively scheduled to air on March 28, Palm Sunday.

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