10 To Watch Instead Of “Mad Men”

conniestevensFilm blogger Self-styled Siren, who is described by James Wolcott as “sophisticated and yet not stuck-up about it,” has assembled a list of ten late-50s, early-60s melodrama movies she’d rather watch instead of “Mad Men.” (My favorite: the teen-pregnancy epic “Susan Slade,” starring the incomparable Connie Stevens, pictured.) I’m not on the bash-the-“Mad” bandwagon (like the jimson weed, the show entices me with its fragrance but offers insufficient succor), but I did emit a yep when I read, “Despite the stratospheric sex appeal of Jon Hamm, January Jones, and Christina Hendricks, the show is just so goddamned dour.” As for the Siren’s list, I’m sure an alarming number of LemonWade readers have seen “Imitation of Life” and “The Best of Everything” but have you also caught “Return to Peyton Place”? (Be honest.)

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