Free Polanski! Free Polanski!

freepolanskiMy God, doesn’t the state of California have enough problems without devoting hundreds of thousands of public dollars (probably more) to the prosecution of Roman Polanski? What a joke! And to think that some online fuzzyheads are arguing that Polanski’s prosecution would be a good thing, showing that no one is above the law. They’ve missed the point: the judge in Polanski’s original case reneged on the deal — that’s why Polanski left the country. The situation is in every way regrettable. For once, limousine liberals and wealthy artists and intellectuals (click here for a list) are right to sign petitions and protest this travesty. Meanwhile, the tabloid media are orchestrating a predictable smear of Polanski because he’s been successful and lived a comfortable life in Europe.

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  1. First, the Judge didn’t renege on the deal. The judge never had a chance to sentence polanski. He also wasn’t able to renege on any deal because a judge isn’t party to a plea agreement, the court simply accepts the agreement.

    Polanski (as are all other defendants) was informed that the judge has the ability to hand down a sentence he/she determine to be fitting with or without considering any deal made and he agreed to those terms (the information on the plea and his acceptance of all of the caveats is readily available). IF the Judge went against what was agreed, polanski had the right to withdraw the plea and face a jury.

    If you feel the need to defend this monster, please know what you’re talking about.

    In an attempt to educate yourself also read the transcript of Samantha Geimer’s account of the attack. She spells out quite clearly how he drugged and raped her, both vaginally and anally

  2. Thank you for the elaboration of the facts.
    Frankly, I don’t care that much about the legal aspect.
    The victim forgave Polanski long ago. That’s the human aspect.
    But the human aspect might not matter to you very much. From your language (calling Polanski a “monster”), judgments and judgmentalism seem to be more your line of interest.

    by Brendan Lemon on September 30th, 2009 at 8:05 pm

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