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History Keeps On Truckin’

I used to think there was a limit to subjects for reality television. That was until … Read more »

Amy Winehouse Tries To Rap

God bless Amy Winehouse. Her train-wreck antics — unlike those of Britney or Paris — are … Read more »

Mamma Mia: More Tech Crap

My online-tech hell continues: I’m posting items in my local Starbucks. A gondola-full of Italian tourists … Read more »

“A Steady Rain”: My Review

Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman have opened on Broadway in Keith Huff’s play “A Steady Rain.” … Read more »

Technical Problems: Grrrr!

I’m in tech he’ll because in its infinite wisdom Time Warner cannot figure out what is … Read more »

LemonWade’s Palin Musical

Sarah Palin’s publisher is a gay man, Jonathan Burnham of HarperCollins. (Don’t get me started.) And … Read more »

Can The Venezuelan Measure Up?

The arrival of conductor Gustavo Dudamel (pictured) at the Los Angeles Philharmonic has been hyped so … Read more »