Javier And Penélope Engaged?

cruz1254747552_bardem-cruz-290We’ve got Brangelina. We’ve got TomKat. And now we’ve got … CruzDem? Actors Penelope Cruz, 35 and Javier Bardem, 40, are secretly engaged, a source tells Us magazine. The couple, which met while filming the movie “Jamon, Jamon” in 1992, “tried to keep it very private and quiet,” according to the Us source. The New York Daily News reports that the couple may have decided to get married to make Cruz’s Catholic parents feel better in light of pregnancy rumors. Cruz, who has had longstanding relationships with some of Hollywood’s hottest leading men that have always ended amicably, has said she’s not sure marriage is in the cards for her. “I don’t know if I believe in marriage,” she told Psychology Today in August. “I believe in family, love and children. … When I [have children], I want to do it really well. I want it to be my best project in life.”

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