“Prince Of Persia”: New Trailer

When people first took note of Jake Gyllenhaal, way back in 1999’s “October Sky,” most never even dreamed that his career path would one day incorporate a “major action hero” phase. After all, his roles in “Donnie Darko” and “Bubble Boy” had folks convinced that he would be able to consistently play various archetypes of social outcasts for years and years to come. But then, somewhere around the middle of the aughts, he must’ve discovered creatine, for he went from skinny and awkward to buff and confident in what seemed like a matter of weeks. And now, with “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,” which is based on — wouldn’t you know it? — a popular series of video games, Disney is attempting to turn him into a full-fledged action star and leader of a brand-new franchise. It’s hard to gauge of how convincing his work as a warrior swordsman is from this trailer alone, which employs a lot of the digitally enhanced “magic hour” look of “300” and more quick cuts than you can shake a stick at, but we do know this: When you’ve got a highly salable asset like Gyllenhaal’s abs in your film, you’re certainly making a marketing mistake by hiding them underneath layers of chain mail.

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