Election Results: My Take

As lemonwade readers know, I usually try to keep this site relatively free from politics; you’re here for the entertainment. So I’ll keep my comments about last night’s election results brief. 1) Only a paper as socially tone-deaf as the New York Times could portray the New York mayoral race results as “unexpectedly close.” Anyone who lives in the city who’s been listening to water-cooler chatter lately knew that there was a lot of anger out there against Michael Bloomberg and the way he dictatorially strong-armed the City Council to allow him to run for a third term. 2) The Republican wins in Virginia and New Jersey were no surprise. 3) The Democrat’s win in the upstate New York Congressional race shouldn’t be over-interpreted in either direction. I’m glad the ultra-right-winger didn’t win. 4) Gays lost in Maine but won in Washington, a state with a much bigger population. In Maine, I’m afraid we have to blame the usual homophobic politics of the Roman Catholic Church and, secondarily, the refusal of President Obama to directly oppose the forces of reaction. Shame on him!

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