Diddle Yourself, Carrie!

I was a little late catching up to James Wolcott’s comments about the ongoing deliciousness of the Carrie Prejean case, but reproduce the remarks here because they apply to the celebrity landscape in general: ‘The hypocrisy of former beauty contestant Carrie Prejean presenting herself as a Christian chalice of creamy goodness, only to be revealed as a private exhibitionist, pleasuring herself in homemade sex videos (“Carrie can be heard moaning on a few of the tapes”), bothers me not. Diddle away, I say. Dial your own number to your heart’s delight. I assume everyone in public life is hypocritical in some venial to outrageous degree, the nature of their hypocrisy varying from individual to individual (the eco-minded celebrity who owns three absurdly extravagant estates, for instance). I’m pleased when some high-minded phony gets busted for his or her hypocrisy, but I can’t work up a froth of indignation. It would violate the Menckenite code of human comedy to which I subscribe.’

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