“A Little Site Music”: Brilliant!

The first Broadway revival of Sondheim’s “A Little Night Music,” starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury, had its initial preview last night. The theater chatrooms are abuzz, mostly at the “cheapness” of the sets and the small size of the orchestra. Meanwhile, an enterprising actress has released a parody of the musical, applying Sondheim’s wit to seat selection.

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  1. The above is Act 1 of “A Little Site Music.” So glad you posted it here!

    Act 2 was posted on YouTube Wednesday afternoon, and it’s at


    This second act features Desiree, Petra and (in a brief finale) Fredrika.

  2. I’d like to point out that the wonderful actress performing the number is Jan Horvath, but she’s singing the very funny lyrics written by the very funny and very talented Fred Landau.

  3. Thanks for mentioning that, Larry Moore!

    Seems like fate that this site is called Lemonwade because Countess Charlotte’s great line in the real show before “Every Day a Little Death”- which we refer to at the start of the comedy video – is “Lemonade? It would choke me.”

    The write-up way above has the genesis of the video off just a little, but we so appreciate his mentioning it and he’s apparently has a nice-size audience because youtube tells me where the view-referrals come from – but the performer didn’t initiate the video – I did, and after hearing Jan Horvath’s stunning CD, I asked her to do the vocals on this video and I was so thrilled that she said yes!

    Many thanks again to Lemonwade.com for the review and the view-referrals, You are the best!

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