Alec Baldwin Coming To Broadway

Alec_Baldwin_3_PETA_Shankbone_2008Here’s a LemonWade scoop: Alec Baldwin, whose career has experienced a resurrection with “30 Rock” and the likely new movie hit “It’s Complicated,” is telling people he’s going to do a play on Broadway in the spring. No confirmation yet on which one; I’ll let you know as soon as I know. I know a part he’d like to play: Atticus Finch in “To Kill A Mockingbird.” Ever since “Mockingbird” was done earlier this year in a well-received production at Hartford Stage, there have been rumors that the show would transfer to Broadway. But its Hartford star, Matthew Modine, is doing “A Miracle Worker” on Broadway in the spring, so Matthew’s out. But trust me: if “To Kill a Mockingbird” were announced for Broadway starring Alec Baldwin, it would sell beaucoup tickets. Stay tuned.

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