“A Little Night Music”: My Review

littlenight2782f7a2-e8cf-11de-a756-00144feab49aHere’s my FT review of the Broadway revival of “A Little Night Music,” starring Jessica and Velma. (If you have to ask who they are, you shouldn’t be reading LemonWade.)

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  1. Hello, Brendan: To begin, I quote your excellent review: “Zeta-Jones, who is still too ravishing to suggest credibly a character in late-career decline…” Thank you for pointing out what I believe to be the fatal flaw in Mr. Nunn’s direction of A Little Night Music: he used the Bergman film as his reference point and cast everyone much younger. Well, yes, the characters are younger in the film. But if Mr. Nunn had really read and comprehended Wheeler’s script and Sondheim’s lyrics he would have understood that the stage musical — which is quite different than the film in terms of tone and texture — is clearly written for characters who are mostly middle-age and beyond.

    by SONDHEIM AFICIONADO on December 15th, 2009 at 12:19 pm
  2. Hm … who does the above commenter think she is … a critic!

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