Thom Thomas On Jeff Bridges

crazy_heart_001Friend of Lemonwade/playwright Thom Thomas (“A Moon To Dance By”) is expressing what I’ve been hearing from tons of show-biz folks over the holidays: they love Jeff Bridges in “Crazy Heart.” Thomas says:

Having just screened “Crazy Heart,” I believe Jeff Bridges has the Best Actor Oscar locked. Not only is it a moving and textured performance, but Jeff has been nominated before and missed out when he should have won, he’s respected in the
Hollywood community, and everyone respects his family: his brother, his
late father
. Sentiment is a strong factor here, but add on a
terrific performance and my bet is he’ll get the much deserved award.
Personally, I thought he should have received a nomination for “A Door
in the Floor
.” He’s an actor from whom we always expect a good
performance and yet he seems to always be overlooked when it comes to
the final nod at award time. I think his time has come with “Crazy Heart.”

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