Thank You To LemonWade Readers

Sydney4_666075aDear LemonWade readers: Thank you for logging on to this site during 2009. How will we all remember the past 12 months: Susan Boyle, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, “Avatar,” Taylor Swift, and Cyd Charisse. If you’re asking “Cyd who?”, that’s a good sign: it means you’re young! Anyway, even though Cyd died last year, I’m still thinking of her this year, not just because the blah “Silk Stockings,” the “Ninotchka” musical in which stars with Fred Astaire, turned up last week on TCM, but because whenever I get fed up with my home, New York, I think of another, much better Cyd-and-Fred picture, “The Bandwagon,” and its Central Park number, “Dancing in the Dark,” and I feel much better for both myself and for the prospect of a New Year. Have fun tonight, but don’t drink and drive!

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