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10 Best Singles of 2009

I certainly don’t agree that “Empire State of Mind” was the top song of 2009 (I’m … Read more »

Kennedy Center: The Highlights

Did you watch the telecast of the Kennedy Center highlights last night? I taped and watched … Read more »

Feeling Sorry For Yourself? Read This!

Tony Judt, a brilliant political essayist and academic, suffers from motor neuron disorder, in his case … Read more »

E-Books: Is This The Tipping Point?

Amazon customers bought more e-books than printed books for the first time on Christmas Day. I … Read more »

Most Played Classical Music

“‘O Fortuna,” Carl Orff’s composition from his 1937 oratorio Carmina Burana, has been named the UK’s … Read more »

2010: Here’s A Reason To Live

Fox — including Fox News — is threatening to pull its programming from Time Warner Cable … Read more »

“Ragtime” To End B’way Run

The Kennedy Center’s revival of Ragtime will end its run on Broadway Sunday, according to the … Read more »