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How To Stop Obnoxious Moviegoers

LW readers know that I don’t go to movies in theaters nearly as much as I … Read more »

I Hope That’s Not Real Leopard

I try to keep LemonWade a Kardashian and Gosselin-free zone, but it’s cold in New York … Read more »

Gay Pianists: Easy To Identify?

Stephen Hough asks: ‘Horowitz once said that there were three types of pianist: Jewish, gay, and … Read more »

Did Darwin Get Things Wrong?

Last year’s Darwin anniversary celebrations are now over, and a controversial new book aims to undermine … Read more »

The Art Of The Snowflake

Wilson Bentley‘s astonishing early 20th-century photographs of snowflakes reveal nature’s mini-miracles. The work is the subject … Read more »

Death: The Greatest Career Move

Two old giants — writer J.D. Salinger and historian Howard Zinn — died this week. When … Read more »

“Wall Street 2”: Trailer