Stripped-Down “Follies”: Oy Vey!

folliesStephen Sondheim and several of his collaborators have given interviews to the New York Times. The most worrying piece of news is buried in the piece about halfway down. Trevor Nunn, the director of the current “Little Night Music” revival, says he is planning to do Sondheim’s 1971 show, “Follies,” and in size it will seek a “similarly intimate feeling” to “Night Music.” Why not just do this originally lavish homage to Ziegfeld with solo kazoo accompaniment? And, while we’re at it, how about presenting Mahler’s 8th and Beethoven’s 9th with nothing but piano and banjo?

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  1. Why can’t FOLLIES be done at LCT with a proper orchestra and perhaps an American director? Brits away I say.

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