Golden Globes: LW’s Reaction

sandrabullockALeqM5jo8h4e9Z84AfOxKqePh79jPR7fFgSo how did LW’s Rex Okpodu do in his Golden Globe predictions? Nine out of 14 (although he covered more bases with his “should win” and “dark horse” predictions). And here are my responses to the Globes: 1) Why was “New York, New York” deleted from the montage of DeMille honoree Martin Scorcese? (Like “Cape Fear” is a better movie? Yeah, right.) 2) Am I missing something by not watching “Dexter,” which grabbed awards for both Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow? 3) Wasn’t it refreshing to watch an awards show where “30 Rock” didn’t win everything? (And where “Glee” broke “30 Rock”‘s long-running hold on Best Comedy awards?) 4) Unless Carey Mulligan wins the SAG award, I think we can now safely say that the Best Actress Oscar race is between Meryl and Sandra (who should fire her hair stylist). 5) The Best Director Oscar race continues to be between James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow. (I’m rooting for the latter, but fear the old white boy director network will go with one of their own.) 6) Judging by the standing ovation for him, Jeff Bridges can start clearing a place on his bookshelf for his Oscar. 7) Without the irony of host Ricky Gervais and Best Actor/Comedy winner Robert Downey, Jr., the evening would have been even more earnest than usual.

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