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Dermot To Star In “Rockford” Update

My favorite cop/detective series of the 1970s are “McMillan and Wife,” with Rock Hudson, and “Rockford … Read more »

Why Julia Child Is God

On a snowbound day, I’m consoling myself with Julia and Dave Letterman.

Should Taylor Start An Undies Label?

I’ve not been a regular at the Paul Taylor Dance Company for a while now, perhaps … Read more »

His Body Is His Instrument

Vampire Weekend-er Comes Out

More and more, Vampire Weekend look like a triumph of media hype over musical goods. Meanwhile, … Read more »

The Greatest Movie Endings Ever

Polanski’s “The Ghost Writer” is the most interesting new English-language movie out there by far. Its … Read more »

“Girl” Trilogy: March Release For DVD

I stopped my life for a day each time I could get my hands on one … Read more »