Tiger And The Sex Lives Of Athletes

slide_5021_69538_largeI know a thing or two about celebrity athletes and their sex lives — how that intersection brings out some of the worst hypocrisy and judgmentalism in American life. So I have sympathy with Tiger Woods for some of the worst media excesses committed against him, and, especially, against his family. At the same time, I would say: if you want to play around, then don’t get married and take a vow of fidelity to your spouse. Derek Jeter is every bit as much of a tomcat as Tiger Woods (more so), but Derek is smart: he hasn’t gotten married and so has avoided most of the media prying. I predict that Tiger will (eventually) get divorced, which will free him to cat around again (if the therapy hasn’t turned him against all non-marital sex forever), just like his divorced buddy Michael Jordan.

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