Dermot To Star In “Rockford” Update

Dermot-Mulroney_240My favorite cop/detective series of the 1970s are “McMillan and Wife,” with Rock Hudson, and “Rockford Files,” with James Garner. I’ve heard no plans yet for a “McMillan” re-boot, but a “Rockford” re-do is well underway, and now we learn that Dermot Mulroney (pictured) has been tapped for the lead. I have mixed feelings not about Mulroney, who never quite broke out of the Sundancey flick ghetto (even with Julia Roberts in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”) but who has vast reserves of charm. No, I’m wondering about the prospects of relaunching yet another classic series from the 1960s or 1970s. The remake of “The Prisoner” is just the latest example of the genre that failed to meet even basic standards for entertainment. Will “Rockford” be more fortunate?

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