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Oscars: Controversy; Meryl Gaining?

Because of the Winter Olympics delay, the Oscar season this year feels especially long, fueling the … Read more »

I’d Rather See This Than “Evita”

A revival of “Evita” is in the works for Broadway. But I’d rather see another dictator’s … Read more »

Calder’s Mobile For Satie’s “Socrate”

Beverly Hills (Wo)Man: More!

Yesterday, I posted photos of the Beverly Hills bike-riding phenomenon (Wo)Man. Here’s the video version: as … Read more »

Not Just The Ice Skaters Are Artsy

Bet you didn’t know this: while the Vancouver games have been unfurling, a separate Cultural Olympiad, … Read more »

Cash’s Last CD: Not Bottom-Scraping

It seemed reasonable to assume that Johnny Cash’s swansong sessions with Rick Rubin had been rounded … Read more »

Burton’s “Alice”: Someone Likes It!

The people I’ve talked to who’ve seen Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” think it’s a big, … Read more »