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Whitney Biennial: Awaiting Feedback

The new edition of the Whitney Biennial opens today in New York. Let the bitching begin!

NBC Shelves “Prime Suspect” Remake

They had trouble finding someone to fill the shoes of Helen Mirren. Duh!!!

Evan vs. Yevgeny On “Dancing”?

Will Olympic gold medal skater Evan Lysacek (pictured) follow in the wake of other winter champs … Read more »

André Finally Going To Lose Weight?

Andre Leon Talley — Vogue’s resident jester — is considering losing some pounds for his TV … Read more »

The Latest Look From Beverly Hills

God knows I’ve had some days on my morning bike ride when I feel, as we … Read more »

It’s Official: Whitney’s Voice Is Shot

Sad to say, but judging from this video, Whitney Houston’s concert this week in Australia confirmed … Read more »

“Love”: The Sequel Without Equal

“Avatar” is not the highest grossing entertainment product in history: “Phantom of the Opera” is. The … Read more »