A Big Gay Yawn For Sean?

advocate_240It’s easy to be cynical about the decision of Sean Hayes, who played Jack on “Will and Grace,” to kinda come out of the closet in the Advocate. I mean, was there ever any doubt? This is the least surprising revelation since Nathan Lane‘s coming out almost a decade ago. But, as with Lane, I think Hayes deserves some praise, though he’s a little overblown to say “I’ve contributed monumentally to the success of the gay movement in America.” I know a lot of people who think his “Will and Grace” character, so flaming, set the cause back. Is it terribly brave for an actor known for flamboyant character parts to say he’s gay? No. All the same, we never know whether an act of this sort will give courage to some struggling teenager somewhere, who has homophobic parents or bullying peers. If it does, all the cynics will mean nothing as far as I’m concerned. They never meant much to begin with.

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