J. Edgar Plus Eastwood? Yikes!

addadadada-610x240My spies tell me that the in-development movie about FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover will most definitely explore the gay angle, as one might expect given the screenplay by Dustin Lance “Milk” Black. Here’s what has me worried: Clint Eastwood is going to direct, and Clint Eastwood doesn’t have the touch for gayish material. (It’s only given to a few.) If you don’t believe me, consider exhibit A: the movie version of John Berendt’s classic “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” which, even though de-gayed, still was a little light in the loafers. It was also one of the worst Hollywood movies of the 1990s. The new Hoover flick doesn’t require a Gus van Sant at the helm; a better choice than Eastwood would be the man who’s going to co-produce it: Ron Howard.

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