Butch Cassidy: The Sequel

butch-cassidy-getty_339781tThe old swagger has become a hobble, and his famous sidekick is no more. But 40 years after his last brush with notoriety, a gun-toting villain called Butch Cassidy is about to delicately ease himself back into the saddle. An elderly version of the celebrated Hollywood cowboy will ride again next month when shooting commences on a new film charting his tea-time years. In the absence of his previous alter ego, Paul Newman (shown here with Robert Redford as the Kid), the rakish Cassidy is going to be played by Sam Shepard. This time, sadly, he won’t be running with the Sundance Kid. What??? you say: Butch and the Kid were killed in a shootout at the end of the 1969 film. Unless this is a back-from-the-dead gimmick, how can they resurrect him? Find out here.

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