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What Liz Taylor Looks Like Now

She’s pictured on her way to the doctor’s office yesterday in Beverly Hills. Doc wants her … Read more »

MGMT — Flash Delirium

Sandra Bullock Is Full Of It

Four reactions to Sandra Bullock’s comment the other day that she hates romantic comedies. First, well, … Read more »

Japanese Awarded Pritzker Prize

One of architecture’s top honours, the Pritzker prize, has been awarded to Japanese architects Kazuyo Sejima … Read more »

How Much Will You Pay?

A further exploration whether people will keep on paying ever-rising prices to see a movie at … Read more »

There Will Always Be Bavaria

Things got a little hairy at the 25th annual Garmisch-Partenkirchen Beard Championship the other day. The … Read more »

Vienna Boys’ Choir: Sex Abuse

It isn’t just the Catholic Church that’s reeling from scandal these days: The most famous choir … Read more »