“Glee”d Off By The Show’s Return

Last night’s return of “Glee” may have caused a slight ramp-up of the show’s backlash; no longer are the critics’ superlatives rolling right out of the gumball machine. The show’s tendency to be, basically, “High School Musical” ugly-Bettified was in evidence. Matthew Morrison’s teacher character has been turned into a total middle-aged mess, which isn’t pretty, and the chemistry of him and guest star Idina Menzel, as a rival glee-club coach, was weird. It was left to Sue Sylvester, the den mother dominatrix cheerleading coach who rules the squad with an iron fist full of vitamin supplements, to make viewing the episode worthwhile. Savvy series creator Ryan Murphy even gave Jane Lynch, who plays Sue, her own sequence at the end, a spoof of Madonna’s “Vogue.” (Note to the middle-aged readers of LemonWade: don’t watch the “Vogue” clip, above, and calculate how old you were when the original ruled the airwaves.)

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