It’s Finally Arrived: Betty White Day

It seemed as though it would never arrive, but it has: tomorrow night 88-year-old Betty White — a 1939 graduate of Beverly Hills High School — will host “Saturday Night Live.” I’ve started to read “I’m-so-over-Betty” yawns on the Internet, but I’ll have none of it! The fact that in a wearingly youth-oriented pop culture a woman of Betty’s years can still be in the game is astonishing. Betty herself knows that the current craze is going to pass, and she’s also the first to acknowledge that a lot of kids love her because she’s a senior citizen who’s not afraid to say naughty things. (As Quentin Crisp used to observe, if you live long enough, you can do or say anything and be thought cute.) Of course, a lot of kids love her because they’ve grown up watching “The Golden Girls” with their grandparents (and gay uncles). Whatever your connection to Betty, be sure to TIVO/DVR or watch in real time tomorrow night.

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