Bette Midler Makes “Night Music”

634067178954777500232729_35_2BMidler4_120209.jpgDon’t mistake Bette Midler (pictured) for a mere look-alike. A spy at Tuesday’s performance of “A Little Night Music” reports, “Bette was totally dressed down, no makeup, glasses on. She joined the monster line for the ladies’ bathroom unnoticed until an overexcited woman boomed, ‘Ooh, you look just like Bette Midler! Do you get that all the time?’ She was met with a steely stare and the woman was left muttering, ‘Sorry.’ ” Midler later gave Angela Lansbury and Catherine Zeta-Jones a standing ovation. Might Midler play Angela’s part when that grande dame leaves the show in June? (My ideal Desiree, the Zeta-Jones part, would be Michelle Pfeiffer or Annette Bening.)

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