Cannes Announces Winners

bardem-oscarThe Cannes Film Festival has announced its winners. Grand Prize from the jury, which was headed by Tim “sell-out-to-Hollywood” Burton, went to a Thai film: “Oncle Boonmee Celui Qui Se Souvient De Ses Vie Anterieures,” directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul. (Think that will all make it onto a marquee?) Acting awards went to Javier Bardem (pictured) for ‘Biutiful’ and Juliette Binoche for “Copie Conforme.” Because I, like Burton, sometimes have a “sell-out-to-Hollywood” mentality, I’ll look award and predict that Bardem and his movie could be in the Oscar mix at the end of the year. The other movie likely to do well commercially and at Oscar-nom time is Mike Leigh’s “Another Year,” which only got the Cannes sop prize of “Special Mention” but will certainly make it in to the New York Film Festival and gain critical acclaim for its lead actress, Lesley Manville.

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