“Funny Girl”: Idina, Barbra Together?

Idina Menzel‘s recent stint on “Glee” is reviving rumors that she’ll be starring in “Funny Girl” on Broadway sometime soon. Today, LemonWade is hearing that Miss Funny Girl Herself, Barbra Streisand, will direct Idina’s foray into this 1964 musical. Babs fled Broadway years ago, not liking the 8-shows-a-week schedule, but directing could lure her back. I’ll keep you posted.

One Comment to ““Funny Girl”: Idina, Barbra Together?”

  1. If there’s a revival of “Funny Girl” starring Idina Menzel, they’d have to re-title the show and just call it “Girl.”

    I can’t imagine Babs being on board with this… did you see the look on her face at her Kennedy Center Tribute when Idina was singing “Don’t Rain on My Parade”? Streisand def was sporting a “shit-smell” face

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