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HBO: “The Special Relationship”

Peter Morgan wrote “The Queen” and “Frost/Nixon,” so it would only stand to reason that his … Read more »

Hollywood: Women Not Welcome

South Africa’s Female Satirists

As South Africa prepares to welcome the world to the greatest show on turf, the World … Read more »

“Funny Girl”: Idina, Barbra Together?

Idina Menzel‘s recent stint on “Glee” is reviving rumors that she’ll be starring in “Funny Girl” … Read more »

Should I Buy Organic?

by Tom Steele
Do you general buy organic products? I want to do my … Read more »

Madonna’s New Shock Campaign

The problem with being a celebrity for decades is that you inevitably end up repeating yourself. … Read more »

“Paradise Found”: Tough Reviews

“Paradise Found,” a new musical directed by Hal Prince and starring Mandy Patinkin as a eunuch, … Read more »