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Abba: “Fernando”

Tom Stoppard Works Again In TV

I will certainly be “doing what is necessary” to get my hands on Tom Stoppard’s adaptation … Read more »

Anne Rice Renounces Christianity

Anne Rice, whose early vampire novels are so good as to make “True Blood” and “Twilight” … Read more »

Ellen Exits “American Idol”

I’d like to say that Ellen DeGeneres made the right decision exiting “American Idol” after only … Read more »

What I Learned Today In Stockholm

Sometimes, abroad, I can feel alternate large and small. Today, while with a small tour group … Read more »

Today On LemonWade

I will be posting items today, Friday, on LemonWade slightly later than usual.

Is Rihanna About To Do The Nasty?

Is Rihanna getting married to her ballplaying boyfriend Matt Kemp? Or is the $1 million ring … Read more »