Why Are Gay Boys So Girly?

When it comes to the beach, I said “Goodbye To All That” a few years ago; very very few middle-aged men, no matter how often they hit the gym, should bounce around on the sand in Speedos, at least if they want to maintain their public image. The beach is for younger folks, which why I’m always happy to see a new generation dancing the hully-gully and acting like Silly Billies at water’s edge. I am, however, a little concerned by an emerging trend in gay life, which has been coalescing for a while now and is represented archetypally in videos like the one above, set to the Song of the Summer, Katy Perry’s “California Gurls.” I’m talking about the blatant girliness of gay boys these days. My God, the class sissy in my junior high had more testosterone than these MTV wannabes. But I’m not going to be a kill-joy at the start of a holiday weekend. I wish these gurls, and those who love ’em, only the best!

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