“Frankenstein” Next For Del Toro?

guillermodeltorro_lglEW writes: ‘It’s been weeks since Guillermo del Toro (pictured) made the shocking decision to walk away from directing the highly anticipated adaptation of “The Hobbit” (Peter Jackson is now in negotiations to direct) and the “Pan’s Labyrinth” director says he’s almost over the disappointment. “It’s the biggest heartbreak of my life professionally,” del Toro says. ”But at the same time, I’m entirely at peace with it.” The director will be at Comic-Con in a few weeks to preview Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, a horror film he produced and cowrote, starring Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce. “We’re gonna announce a few things at Comic-Con that are surprises,” teases del Toro. “But I’m probably going to announce my next directing project right after Comic-Con. It’s a pretty big one.” Hmmmm. Could this mean that del Toro’s oft-rumored Frankenstein remake is finally coming to fruition?’

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