Who Will Play Oprah? Viola? Jen?

violaThis week brought the report that Kitty Kelley‘s unauthorized bio of Oprah will be getting the movie treatment. The inevitable question: who will play Miss O? Some names bandied about: Viola Davis (pictured), Jennifer Hudson. Most observers think a “name” actress wouldn’t dare incur O’s wrath by playing her, but let’s remember: O’s syndicated TV show ends next year, before the movie would be released. Yes, I know Miss O will have her own network by then and retain some clout, but she’s no longer as monolithic as she used to be. (Judge Judy often bests her in the ratings.) Perhaps some actress will make her name by taking on the role.

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  1. I strongly believe if this is a story that Oprah is totally against. Then you can count Jennifer Hudson out. They are friends, and Jennifer totally respect Oprah.

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