Tiger, Stop Hiding Your Funk!

Tiger Woods dropped a few f-bombs during his disappointing performance at last weekend’s British Open. Princeton professor Cornel West may have the best diagnosis of what’s ailing Tiger these days. (Besides the big divorce pay-out.) Brother Cornel’s from-the-pulpit analysis after the jump.

‘Good God almighty, absolutely! I thought Brother Tiger would be the last brother to get caught in that kind of mess. but as i considered it, it made sense. Man has all the money in the world, all the success, and yet he never displayed an ounce of political concern, never showed any real interest in the problems of poor people, oppressed people. Not a mumbling word. Okay, fine, some people go through life that way. But he had cultivated a certain image–so cleaned up. There’s no air there, no reality, no humanity. People is, when you live in such a deodorized space, your funk needs someplace to go. The brother’s funk just starts seeping out. It was bound to happen. Suddenly everybody’s thinking, Oh, Tiger, you’re just like us! But he’s worse because he tried to hide the funk. I’m telling you, you can’t hide your funk!’

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