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NY Times: Linney Not A “Success”

Speaking of the actress Laura Linney, upon the premiere of her new TV series, “The Big … Read more »

“We No Speak Americano”

“Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone”

A terrified young woman in a red headscarf bolts through a door into a darkened room. … Read more »

CBS Adding 3 Gay Characters

It’s nice that CBS is adding gay characters to a few of its shows (“The Good … Read more »

The View From My Window

As my friends in New York endure the heat (take heart, people: on Monday, Moscow had … Read more »

“Roseanne” Daughter Comes Out

Sara Gilbert (pictured), the middle child on the “Roseanne” TV show, came out officially this week, … Read more »

North Korean Opera Loves Leader

In this story about the North Korean Sea of Blood Opera Company and its recent tour … Read more »