Is Carol Channing A Conservative?

Carol_ChanningThose LW readers who are interested in the history of musical theatre (yeah, there are a few) may be as dismayed as I was to learn that Broadway legend Carol Channing (pictured) went on Sean Hannity the other night (you know, Fox News’ resident bully; I mean Super Bully) and spread her bipartisan wings as grandly as she used to spread her outstretched hands at the top of the staircase in “Hello, Dolly.” Yes, it’s true (did you spit out your morning coffee yet?): Carol Channing, 89, showed up on Hannity, primarily to promote her admirable cause of arts in education. This friend of LBJ and his beautifying wife, Lady Bird, is now giving attention if not credence to Fox News. Carol herself may remain a passionate human-rights supporter, and may want to take her pro-arts message to a Republican audience. But does she know the kind of hatemongering that Hannity regularly spews against her fan base?

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