Paul Rudd D.J.s At Bat Mitzvah

Paul Rudd is a real actor, and I still have hopes that one day he will take a break from teen-boy comedies like “Dinner for Schmucks” and try on a serious role. (In the old days, he’d do the silly movies AND act Shakespeare on Broadway.) Back before he got famous, Rudd was a struggling actor game to get himself up in just about any costume to earn a buck. In the above video, for example, he d.j.s at a Bat Mitzvah.

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  1. I’ve always loved Paul Rudd, ever since OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION. He really is a leading man who never gets leading man roles in movies. His stage work has always been impressive, from Shakespeare to Neil LaBute. I met him once on the street when I was walking our basset hound. He was clearly stoned, accompanied by THREE women.

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