Zsa Zsa Dying? Some Thoughts

zsaOther people on Zsa Zsa Gabor death watch (she may be deceased by the time you read this) will focus on her trademark “dahling”-punctuated daffiness and the camp European accent that she and her Hungarian sisters trademarked long before Arianna Huffington started making the talk-show rounds. But I’d rather make note of something in the weekend’s news report of her grave condition in an L.A. hospital: she was given last rites by a Roman Catholic priest. I had no idea that she was in sufficiently good odor with the Church to receive this sacrament: I highly doubt she received official annulments from all of her many divorces. On the other hand, I suspect that to receive last rites all that’s required is that a person have been baptized and confirmed, which Zsa Zsa, being a good Hungarian (born when the Hapsburg Empire was still in existence!), certainly was.

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