Jean-Luc, Oui; Doris, No

dorisdayI’m totally fine with the fact that Eli Wallach and Francis Ford Coppola are receiving honorary Oscars this year, even though Coppola already has a competitive Oscar. Why the Academy is giving an honorary statuette to director Jean-Luc Godard is another matter. Godard, a Swiss citizen born in Paris, is notoriously anti-Hollywood. He’s also anti-flying and has avoided long plane flights, because he’s not allowed to smoke. This means Godard, 79, could be one of the rare no-shows for an honorary award. Meanwhile, the Academy STILL hasn’t given an honorary Oscar to Doris Day (pictured), ostensibly because she might not show up. So: possible no-show Godard is a yes, but possible no-show Day is a no. Tain’t fittin’!!!

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