My Attempt At Franzen’s “Freedom”

freedom518lzyVIezL._SL500_AA300_I tried, really tried to get through Jonathan Franzen‘s new, blazingly hyped novel, “Freedom,” just as I tried, really tried to get through his last supposed masterpiece, “The Corrections.” But in both cases I’m afraid the extreme unpleasantness of the characters ground me down. I can do unhappiness (“Anna Karenina”), I can do bleakness (“Bleak House”), I can even do nasty (“American Psycho”), but I can’t do unvigorous.

2 Comments to “My Attempt At Franzen’s “Freedom””

  1. The book is not out yet. You sound like a hater for hating’s sake.

  2. I’m ashamed of the fact, but due primarily to the Internet, I don’t read nearly as many books as I used to, other than cookbooks. But every time I tuck into an acclaimed novel, I have *exactly* the same problems you did with those books.

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