SuBo’s “Dream” Had Altered Audio

Susan Magdalane Boyle — you know, the uncomely lass whose “I Dreamed A Dream” scored millions of hits on YouTube and made her a huge star (and don’t say she’s finished: her upcoming CD “The Gift” has huge advance sales) — is the latest victim of the UK talent show Auto-Tune controversy. Hot on the heels of revelations that vocal-correcting software was used on singers’ auditions during Simon Cowell’s “The X Factor,” comes the news that contestants on Cowell’s other series, “Britain’s Got Talent,” got the same treatment. “The exact same techniques are used . . . It’s the same production team,” a “BGT” insider told London’s Evening Standard. “The sounds are cleaned up. It’s an open secret and an industry standard. This goes for everyone, even Susan Boyle’s audition was smoothed out in post-production to give it the best possible sound.”

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  1. I can’t believe that stupid jerk mentioned Susan’s name, and only hers.
    That means that ALL of this years X-Factor auditions were autotuned too since they were filmed months ago.
    Funny that he didn’t mention that.

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