A Disagreement About Claire Danes

LW’s Oscars expert, Rex Okpodu, read my posts (here and here) about the Emmys and filed this response: As a big fan of American tv, I broke my rule about not caring about any award ceremony except the Oscars and saw a recording of the Emmys yesterday.

I read your post on lemonwade about Claire Danes and respectfully disagree about CD using the cosmetic consultant as Joan Allen…lol

I agree Claire looked fabulous and agree about them looking like mother and daughter but think it is more like Joan Allen probably took a picture of Claire to her consultant and said: “Here: make me look like this.”

Did you also notice once again, Claire has the same horsey look like Bullock, Roberts and Crawford?

I have always liked Claire and think though she is not as famous as that other one from the same era, Kirsten Dunst (that one who looked like an old woman even at 20-somethings) she hasn’t had a bad career so far – combining theatre, tv and films.

One day she will get a very juicy role and an Oscar nomination will come calling.

Which brings me to my header:

The Emmys was a much better show than this year’s Oscars – it went quick and actually funny – I suppose more people in the US care about television than film? We both agreed earlier that the former has much better material anyway.

Best quip of the night: Ricky Gervais on Mel Gibson having a hard time of late…but not as much as the jews…fab!!!

Reminded me of that quip from Steve Martin at Oscars 75th when he said….”…Americans can be Democrats and..?…(then he went quiet) or this year, when he said…Christoph Waltz played a Nazi, hunting down jews…well Christophe,…here they are (pointing to the audience)

Best Emmys result for me: Lead and Supporting actor in tv series (drama) – The meth makers from Breaking Bad

I hope this repeats at the Globes and Breaking Bad beats Mad Men for best tv series (drama)

I also think Breaking Bad should have beaten Mad Men at the Emmys

Best dressed: the aforementioned lovely Claire Danes

Finally, I hate Glee!!!

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