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Emmys: Few Surprises; Sexy Sofia

The opening number of last night’s Emmys made it seem as if the show was going … Read more »

Emmy Awards: Who Shouldn’t Win

If I were king of the forest, I wouldn’t give a single Emmy on Sunday to … Read more »

Darrelle London: “Bad”

An Orchestra Rises Out West

It isn’t quite fair to say, as this story implies, that the Minnesota Orchestra has always … Read more »

Quotation Of The Day

“If AMPAS is having trouble tracking him down, they should probably be relieved. If he does … Read more »

“Machete”: Pure Mexploitation

The Hollywood Reporter writes: ‘In Robert Rodriguez’s new grindhouse feature “Machete” (the one featuring Lindsay Lohan … Read more »

Depardieu: Binoche Has “Nothing”

To most people, she is one of the foremost French actors of her generation: a popular … Read more »