Kidman Crawling Back To B’way?

nicoleSo Nicole Kidman may come back to Broadway in a Tennessee Williams play? Gee, I wonder if Kidman noticed that the woman who has taken over her mantle as Greatest Living Australian Actress triumphed in New York recently with a Williams play? Is “Nic” trying to regain the crown? And in a medium, theatre, that displays her to better advantage than movies because it doesn’t expose the use of Botox?

2 Comments to “Kidman Crawling Back To B’way?”

  1. You’re late. Kidman has already taken back her crown: she’s getting rave reviews for her performance in “Rabbit hole” and is now considered a big contender for an Academy Award nomination. And while Blanchett received acclaim for her work on Broadway, her recent work on screen has been very lackluster: from mediocre, lazy performances in Benjamin Button and Robin Hood to absolutely awful work in Indiana Jones and The Golden Age (yikes!). Kidman is just a far more interesting and fascinating actress IMO (just watch Birth or Margot at the Wedding). Oh and the botox talk is so 2008. Move on.

  2. In what sense is “botox talk” so 2008?? It has had absolutely disastrous effects on more than a few very talented screen actresses’ abilities to express anything but, well, death. If that’s “so 2008,” spin me back down the years. It saddens me beyond words that feminism died such a premature and tragic death. But hey, what do I know?

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